Dreaming of You

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Is there such a thing as Poetry Noir? 

Dreaming of You 

I needed to be

Bonnie and Clyde,

All guns blazing

Someone at my side,

To judge the stakes

And take the risks,

I had already

Suffered myself –

Putting it on the line,

Like a two dollar,

Fantasy crime, novel,

I’d rashly bought,

A shabby bargain,

At cost price.

When you traded in

Our loyalty;

Abandoning me,

With nothing more

Than telling the sorry tale

Of your selfish


In the shattered light,

And jagged fragments of night,

Your love destroyed,

Every sense

It touched,

Torching it to the ground.

Stranded in the shadows

Of dark afterglow,

I dreamt of

Our last stand, and

The sweet violence, still

Smouldering in the fire;

In my burnt out shell,

I still fantasize,

Of the bond

Between us;

Reality insists on

A tragic ending – and yet,

I’m still dreaming of you…

Sonia Kilvington

First published in Contemporary Literary Horizon 2014 in English & Romanian

Travel fiction: Koyoto Japan

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To most discerning travelers, the thought of a trip to Japan is enough to fire their souls with pure inspiration. Japan is a place which can surpass the boundaries of imagination; a place where modern innovative design co-exists in perfect harmony with the beauty and elegance of ancient architecture. In my journey to Kyoto, the cultural beating heart of Japan, I begin my search for a truly transcendent experience…Read more…


Rogue in Print!

Looking forward to reading this one!!

Graham Wynd

Rogue Bonkers in PhoenixHey kids! Near to the Knuckle’s Rogue collection is out in paperback now for those of you not into the whole digital business. Get 22 knuckle-dusting tales that will knock the stuffing out of you:

The book you’re holding in your hands, flipping across your screen or pirating, is a bold statement by a group of authors who are committed to controlling their own literary destinies. To representing themselves and their stories the way they want to. To producing quality literature without constraints, or middle-management foibles, or decisions based on what will appeal to this demographic or best reflect that group. To give you raw, uncompromising stories from the depths of their filthy imaginations. More punk than Cowell-esque candy pop, this collection captures a group of writers, writing in a spectacularly diverse myriad of styles at the very top of their game. You can feel the enthusiasm for the project…

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Dangerous Love!

After many years of writing poetry, my first collection in English and Romanian has been published as part of the ‘Bibliotheca Universalis’ one of of 50 bilingual poetry, essay and short story collections. I believe my own book, Dangerous Love, is number 25 in this impressive collection of work from around the world, including – Mexico, America ,Argentina, UK, Italy, Spain and Romania – to name but a few! The collection has been developed, nurtured and created by the editor in chief of ‘Contemporary Literary Horizon’, Daniel Dragomirescu, who’s literary journal aims to offer  “All the world in a journal” and indeed it does!
Cover Poetry For further information on “Contemporary Literary Horizon’ and a glimpse of the new copy for May/June

visit  http://contemporaryhorizon.blogspot.com/

Every Move You Make by Sonia Kilvington


“It’s difficult” she muttered nervously,

“In your own good time” replied Declan as graciously as he could on a very dull Monday morning, to an equally dull looking client, who was already testing his patience.

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