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My novel, Buried In The Hills is a murder mystery set in the not-so-sleepy village of Vorokvadia, Cyprus. The fictional village is a combination of my own village Oroklini and the neighboring village of Lvadia. The photos, above, are of places which feature in my novel; it is a beautiful Cypriot village with the hills rising behind it descending to the seashore in front. The village has a lot of old world charm as well as its fair share of stories, some of which have been incorporated into this fictional story.

The village has a easy going, forgiving nature, but cross the boundaries of what is a considered to be acceptable and old style village justice may emerge, which can be just as real now as it was in the past. There is a saying in the village that “nobody knows how many bodies are buried in hills,” and that was the inspiration for this story….

The novel, which is the second featuring my detective D.I.FLynn reads as a stand alone novel – so it’s not necessary to have read the first in order to enjoy the second.

If you would like a FREE copy then please follow the links to Amazon: I  do hope you enjoy it!

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Praise for Buried In The Hills:

“This is a good read, folks! Fast paced and well written, held my interest to the end. Hope the author will do more with DI Flynn.”
“A great mystery”

The book is currently: 

#2,249 Free in Kindle Store (Amazon.uk)

and in the top 100 crime, mystery, thriller Amazon .com

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  1. Hi Sonia……..Just finished Buried in the Hills (WOW) gripped from start to finish, especially with our long history with Cyprus over the past years. How I enjoyed it. Two things I didnt realise, that the first novel prior to this one was the beginning for DI Flynn, so will have to go back and read it next.
    Also are you going to write a follow up to Buried in the Hills?………I do hope so as I am sat on the edge of my seat!!!!
    You Take Care and Enjoy the Cypriot Sunshine
    Kind Regards Marlene Graham

    1. Thank you so much Marlene!! I am really glad that you enjoyed the novel. As you mentioned the first novel to feature DI Flynn was The Main Line Murders, which explains a quite a lot about the character’s background. I always saw the DI Flynn novels as trilogy and I am planning the final installment, which is also set in Cyprus, around the time of the financial collapse of the banks… It is lovely to have such an enthusiastic response, thanks for posting! Warm wishes Sonia

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