First Eve

First Eve


I adored it

When called me

Your very first Eve,

Entering your

Mystical kingdom,

Where I imagined

I would reign supreme!

Relying on my sensuality

To enchant and seduce you,

Imagining my poor,

Pawned innocence,

Could keep you content.

But deep in the burning heart

Of your abandoned desires,

You had already lost,

The love of your life;

It was never me, whom

You craved in your darkest dreams-

Your vanquished heart,

Having already been stolen

By a deceiving demoness,

Who had disappeared

From your enchanted life,

In a tornado of torturous abuse.

I can no longer believe,

That I was ever truly yours;

I suspect that you lied and deceived me:

I could never be, your very first Eve,

When your disintegrating heart,

Had already dissolved,

After losing your demonic lover, Lilith:

If I were, somehow, able to decipher your pain,

Must you mourn her for all of eternity?

First published at The Screech Owl 2015

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