A Blustery Day at The Cliffs of Moher∼ Co. Clare, Ireland.

The Cliffs of Moher are a spectacular sight; their beauty is legendary and has been captured in many big budget movies such as Harry Potter, Princess Bride and Ryan’s Daughter. If they look a little familiar perhaps you already recognize them from that wonderful TV series, Father Ted? (more tea anyone?)

The Cliffs attract over a million visitors a year, which is not surprising as they are really awe inspiring. There are some excellent cliff walks which extend beyond the bounds of the visitors centre, and on days when the weather is wild, they are definitely for the more experienced and confident explorer. Even at the full height of the cliff tops there are moments when huge gusts of wind, literally steal your breath away!

From the cliff edge a wonderful variety of birdlife can be spotted, including Puffins, which nest on Goat Island between April and July. Kittiwakes often nest on the perilous ledges, and a pair of Peregrine Falcons can be seen swooping and diving as they protect their territory under the tower.

The weather can be unpredictable and dramatic on the cliff edge, and so a visit inside the visitors centre may offer a welcome respite from the lashing wind and rain, which can start up quite suddenly. The centre is built into the rock face and has successfully integrated the natural environment into its design. Inside the centre there is a film area showing two exciting short movies, my favourite being ”The Ledge Experience,” which includes some stunning aerial photography.

We were very fortunate in our visit as the weather was blustery, but the rain held off, and apparently it had been much worse in the previous few days. Considering it was late October, it was a wonderful day out, and if, like me, you enjoy views of an exceptionally dramatic coastline and a bit of unpredictable weather, the cliffs of Moher are not to be missed on a visit to the Republic of Ireland.

Winter Baby

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