A Grand Day in Kilkee ∼Co. Clare, Ireland.

There can be fog, high winds and seeping dampness, but if it is not raining, it will certainly be declared ‘a grand day’ in Co.Clare, Republic of Ireland! And when the sun is shining, it is such a beautiful, charming place.

A twenty five minute drive from Ennis, Co. Clare took us to the beautiful seaside town of Kilkee. Kilkee is midway between Kilrush, with is charming individually coloured houses (a little like on Balamory, the children’s programme) and Doonbeg on the N67.

Kilkee has a wonderful smooth, sandy beach, which is popular for family walks, even in the colder winter months, as well as an extremely blustery cliff walk, more suited to calmer days. There is a surfing centre for the very brave and a good selection of cafés with homemade cakes, scones and full meals for those in need of refreshment or a warming drink on their day out.

I was very lucky to have ‘a very grand day’ with barely any rain at all in the morning until lunch time. The views were stunning and the cliff top walk was definitely bracing. In the small café with sea views, the photos displayed on its walls showed much less accommodating weather with wild storms lashing over the seawalls; partially engulfing some of the buildings. Although quite scary, I imagine it to be an exciting and spectacular sight. To my surprise I found that my warming coffee had been specially imported from Seattle; which seemed a long way across the stormy Atlantic, from where I was sitting admiring the lovely sea view.

If you are fortunate enough to take a trip to the charming town of Kilkee, I hope it stays dry for you too – best wishes for a grand day out!

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