Perfect Love∼Review&Interview at Scream Hard Reviews!

Is it really possible to control something which is made in our own image, and yet has a life-force of its own?

My android short story, Perfect Love, is set in the future of 2033, where android companions are a luxury as well as a growing market trend for international sales. A global manufacturer and distributor of companion androids decide to initiate an experiment to introduce human feelings into an android male – with devastating results…

My dark short story is reviewed, and I’m interviewed about what inspired me to write it, by the marvellous Donna Maria Mccarthy and CHenry Roi at Scream Hard Reviews!



Sci- fi Review! 10 Cloverfield Lane~Synchronicity~ Uncanny

10 Cloverfield Lane vs Cloverfield

I must admit to being a big fan of the alien Invasion genre; so it was great to see what an amazing job the makers of the Cloverfield franchise, have done with their latest film, 10 Cloverfield Lane. In the original film, which was out in 2008, the alien invasion began in Manhattan, New York, with a monstrous almost mammalian type alien, inflicting its own brand of terror on city residents. The original film had its viewing drawbacks in that it was supposed to be shot on a home video recorder, complete with shaky shots and sharp camera angles, which were quite a trend in those days, especially in paranormal films of that era…

The new 10 Cloverfield Lane has none of this home movie quality about it, and would have been an excellent psychological thriller in its own right, even without those poisonous gasses spreading predators.  John Goodman is superb as the psychopathic Howard, who runs a very tight bunker indeed. Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead)the main character is tenacious, aggressive and resourceful, much like Ripley in the Alien films.  The aliens, it must be noted, have been updated since their original outing in 2008; they have a more much sophisticated looking spacecraft and lethal toxic gas at their disposal.

The thing I really liked about 10 Cloverfield Lane, was that it wasn’t a strict sequel from the first film, because the invasion happens simultaneously in a different area; but as the characters were holed up in a bunker for an undisclosed period, this also allows for the passage of time from the original invasion. Apart from the wonderful acting, it is the first film I have seen in years that made me literally jump out of my skin…poor Emmett!

Synchronicity (2015)maxresdefault

It had all of the hall marks of a decent Sci- fi film, but it seriously failed to deliver on that promise.  We have an obsessed scientist who was trying to create a wormhole for the purpose of time travel (always a good thing). But his scientific obsessions are quickly derailed when he meets a beautiful and mysterious woman, rapidly transferring his obsession on to her. The whole movie is set in a small laboratory and a seventies style, concrete block of flats, which doesn’t add that much to the atmosphere.

The obsessed scientist spends much of his time running through a tinfoil tunnel (so achingly low budget) and repeating earlier scenes, which have apparently acquired new depth and meaning, with small dramatic tweaks now added. Most of us have seen this type of thing before, (it was done beautifully Memento 2000 with Guy Pearce), and this film really doesn’t have the depth or brilliant acting, to make it that interesting, unfortunately.

Uncanny (2015)


For lovers of all things android! It has a solid plot and some real potential, when a struggling but beautiful young journalist interviews a reclusive, brilliant scientist, and discovers he has made exciting new progress in creating a stunning, realistic looking android; who is trying to learn the nuances of being human. The journalist agrees to spend time with these two strange males, and a love triangle ensues. I am not going to give away any spoilers, but the whole plot hinges on a dramatic twist ending, which unfortunately seems to make nonsense of the previous half hours dialogue. Still worth watching though – especially if you like androids…

Human Synths v’s Auton Mannequins

Having recently had all the excitement of having my first android Sci- fi short story published at the amazing Pulp Metal Magazine, people have been asking – have you been watching Humans? In fact I hadn’t at the time I wrote Perfect Love, but of course, I couldn’t resist watching the series now that my story has been published; and it really was excellent, although I am glad that I didn’t watch this while I was writing, in case it influenced me too much!

The first thing that struck me on watching the first episode of Humans was the similarity in the opening scene set in the android warehouse, with and the very first Dr. Who episode I ever watched. That memorable episode, which was the first to feature with the wonderful actor Jon Pertwee as Dr. Who, had a storyline with terrifying Auton mannequins, who had come to life after a mysterious meteor storm. The Autons are completely devoid of emotion and were truly terrifying to their unsophisticated 1960’s TV audience. I think it was probably their complete lack of humanity which seemed so frightening; that something which looked like us, but didn’t feel anything, was capable of such merciless brutality.

The brilliance of new series, Humans, is the essential humanity of the androids, which appear to be much similar to us humans than the Autons. For most of the time we are left wondering, how much they actually feel and if it really possible to fully control something which is made specifically in our own image, and yet appears to have a life-force of its own. Are these androids, as in the Dr. Who programme, really a dangerous threat to the survival of mankind? Obviously in true cliffhanger tradition, we will have to watch the next series to discover their real agenda…

My android short story, Pefect Love, is set in the future of 2033, where android companions are a luxury as well as a growing market trend for international sales. A global manufacturer and distributer of companion androids decides to initiate an experiment to introduce human feelings into an android male – with devastating results… If you missed the story first time around, you can catch it here, with this link:  Perfect Love

Perfect Love by Sonia Kilvington

This is a Sci-fi story of mine about an android love robot who goes on the rampage. Its currently out at the wonderful Pulp Metal Magazine


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