Soulmate ∼ a short story at Pulp Metal Magazine

It’s great to be back at the wonderful Pulp Metal Magazine with my new short story, Soulmate.  This story is about internet stalking, blackmail and revenge! I hope it engages you. Here’s how it begins:

I felt the intense fission of fear as I logged on to check my mail. It was only a matter of time, now, and I knew it. I wondered about the moment everything thing had changed; when I first realised that blackmail had crept into my life, like a thief in the night, stealing my sanity away.

He used to tell me he loved me, and maybe he did in his own warped way: but somewhere down the line the bond I believed we shared had metamorphosed into a very different creature, something dark and dangerous, and love was definitely not the right word to describe it.

It had been glorious at first, when he showered me with complements and I thought I’d met my soul mate. He didn’t even mind that I spent most of my time ill in bed, recovering from a painful operation. Whenever I messaged him, day and night, he always responded in seconds: but nobody actually does that, do they?

I naively he thought that he would be pleased for me, when my health improved. I even tried to arrange to meet up with him in real life; but he assured me that wasn’t possible – his mother was too ill and he couldn’t leave her. I said I understood, but I was very disappointed as he shared every one of my interests, his photos were gorgeous and I was so sure he was the perfect fit.


After finishing my first day back at work, I rushed eagerly to my computer to tell him all about my day and I was shocked to find 34 messages, all from him, saying exactly the same thing:

“Why the silence Coleen?”   Read More at Pulp Metal Magazine


Bad Reputation

I am delighted to have my story Bad Reputation at Spelk Fiction today!

I wrote this short story as I have always been fascinated with the idea of twins. As a child, I believed that twins had magical powers of intuition and shared a very special connection -Imagine having a lifelong friend, someone with whom you could share your dreams and nightmares, and always feel protected …

I knew you before you were born. I felt your heart beating, next to mine, through the liquid darkness. I couldn’t tell where you ended and I began. You were me and I was you, and that’s the way it was.

I have always been in your shadow: I can see that now. I was born six minutes after you, and have spent the rest of my life trying to catch up. I was your sidekick, your play thing, your weaker self. Always the second half of every sentence — Kate and Josie: never Josie and Kate.

That’s why, when you ran screaming into my room that night, covered in blood and desperate for my help, I couldn’t resist taking the blame for you.  Read more…

Jo Nesbo: Writer & Rock Star

With work as diverse as a footballer, journalist, stockbroker, taxi driver and rock star; Jo Nesbo arrived late to his most successful career as an internationally acclaimed writer. His series of novels feature the troubled Norwegian detective, Harry Hole; who has many personal problems as well as a vicious bunch of psychopathic killers to deal with. The series has been internationally successful, selling seventeen million copies worldwide, “My Harry Hole novels have been translated into more than forty languages, but I still get a kick out of it when a book arrives in the mail and the only word I recognize is my own name on the cover,’ he said.

For many years Jo has been playing guitar and singing alongside his brother Knut in the Norwegian rock band Di Derre, which translates roughly to, ‘Those Guys.’ Music and performing are obviously still very important to him, despite his literary success.

Jo is an enigmatic character, charming, yet aloof. He is known to be exceptionally private about his personal life. Many readers and critics have speculated on the similarities between his fictional detective and himself.  Both seem to be very concerned about political and social problems in Norway. His novel, ‘Redbreast,’ contains a character with psychopathic, right-wing Nazi sympathies. There appears to be a sense of duality, in the seemingly idyllic society in Norway, and its violent undercurrents, which date back to the Second World War.

Jo Nesbo’s interest in this subject is not entirely surprising as his parents fought on opposing sides during the Second World War. His mother was a member of Norway’s Resistance movement: his father fought for the Germans. It is an unusual family history, even for an enigmatic writer; but then nothing about Jo Nesbo or his alter ego, detective Harry Hole, is predictable. “Harry is like all of us; we fall apart. The only question is how fast,” he said.