Short Stories

I have had a long love affair with writing short stories, and have written in many genres including crime, noir, paranormal, sci- fi and psychological horror. I have been fortunate enough to be published in some very cool places, such as PulpMetal magazine, Spelk and Out of the Gutter on line – you can check out a selection of these stories on the links below…If you prefer your fiction a little on the dark side…


Perfect Love



Cry Baby

Spectral Warning

Every Move You Make




Bad Reputation

Skin Deep

Winter Baby


gutter“It’s all your fault, you know that, don’t you?” Jake

I cast my eyes down quickly, away from his accusing stare. The knife in his fist was still dripping, the blood red, stark and angry against the metal blade. Jake’s face was glowing unnaturally. It looked so unworldly and strange against the darkening desert sky. Read…


Exiles cover preview (1)

A powerful Noir short story collection edited by the Bukowski of Noir, Paul D. Brazill. Exiles features 26 outsiders-themed stories by some of the greatest crime and noir writers, K. A. Laity, Chris Rhatigan, Steven Porter, Patti Abbott, Ryan Sayles, Gareth Spark, Pamila Payne, Paul D. Brazill, Jason Michel, Carrie Clevenger, David Malcolm, Nick Sweeney, Sonia Kilvington, Rob Brunet, James A. Newman, Tess Makovesky, Chris Leek, McDroll, Renato Bratkovič, Walter Conley, Marietta Miles, Aidan Thorn.