Women’s Work – New Story at NTTK!

I am excited to have my new story Women’s Work up at NTTK today! It is the first time I have had a full length story up on that wonderfully edgy site, and I am delighted to be there, amongst  some very prestigious company!

The story is a classic, ‘don’t go down into the basement tale’ – especially if you are working for a sadistic psychopath such as Mr. Tinder. I wanted to write a tale in which my elderly female protagonist was trapped in a situation in which she knew that no-one could rescue her. I think at times many of have felt trapped in seemingly hopeless situations and have had to dig very deep to find some undiscovered resource to get us through. I hope to have captured that feel and atmosphere in this story- why not check it out for yourself?


“Is this your wife?” I tried to sound polite. Take an interest. I wondered if she was still around. In truth, my money was already staked on a nasty divorce. I reckoned that Tinder could not be an easy man to live with.

He didn’t answer. A sick feeling cut into me, racing over my arms, leaving trails of goose bumps in its wake.

His expression was almost grotesque; his eyes glazed over, as if lost in another world. He seemed to completely forget that I was standing there. I coughed, cleared my throat. I was paid by the hour and didn’t have time to waste on his self-indulgence. Read More


Many thanks to Craig and Oliver at NTTK, especially for their very kind support and patience with me and my writing! And not forgetting my good friend CHenry Roi, for his creative inspiration and help with editing.


Short Story Competition!

I feel really honored to have my short story, ‘Deadly Desire’ listed as one of the 13 entrants to be featured in the  NTTK competition. All thirteen are being displayed  on the their site – along with audio files of the stories – which is due to be judged today!

There are some great reads here,  from many fabulous writers, but no spoilers – check them out for yourself!

Here’s my story, Deadly Desire  –  my  competition entry at Near to the Knuckle…

As the title suggests, these stories are all a little edgy… so, you have been warned!

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