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This is my first experience of writing for an online publication of this type – and it has been really positive! I am so pleased with the quality of the layout and design. I don’t think my writing has ever been displayed so finely!

The Life & Luxury magazine is a beautifully designed reading experience, which is part of a design and marketing site, offering a selection of design, video and marketing services to business clients.

I have really enjoyed writing the articles for the Autumn issue of the magazine – the first of which:

Is This Our New Reality? Sustainable Luxury:

The idea of new products being designed to be both luxurious and sustainable maybe seem to be  antithetical in nature and the yet the concept of ‘positive luxury’ is rapidly  becoming the newest marketing strategy in the luxury products industry. So is this new development a real phenomenon or merely a cynical manipulation of the modern market? Perhaps it is an attempt to make the consumers of luxury goods feel less guilty about their conspicuous consumption during the current global economic down turn; or could this new trend actually be more about values, respect and brand image? Read more

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